International Experience

  Our personnel were actively involved in setting safety standards for crane and materials handling equipment long before OSHA came on the scene. Extensive field experience comes from on-going government and commerial contracts for inspections, maintenance, preventive maintenance and engineering analysis and design. We have been involved in seminars, inspections, and training sessions in numerous international locations. Contact with OSHA Compliance Officers, presentation of seminars at the OSHA Training Institute in Chicago, and contact with representatives of government agencies and private industry keep United States Crane Certification Bureau, Inc. in the forefront of developments here and around the world.

Engineering and Evaluation

  Our engineering staff provides technical services in all aspects of materials handling equipment. We also have the resources necessary to design specialty equipment and modifications to existing equipment, do failure and accident analysis, write purchase specifications, and provide quality asssurance for new equipment purchases. Analysis of specific applications provide clients with the best equipment at the best price for the job to be done.

Power Plants

  Extensive experience in the inspection and certification of cranes and material handling equipment used in nuclear, fossil, and hydro electric power generating facilities worldwide enables us to offer advantages to the industry no other company can provide. Our services result in safer and smoother refueling outage since lifting equipment is less prone to costly downtime. As a widely recognized industry leader we have presented safety training seminars on cranes and rigging at numerous utility and nuclear facilities worldwide and selected by the Electric Power Research Institute to participate in the Research and Development project investigating refueling equipment, component reliability, and Recovery TMI-2 Reactor Building Polar Crane.


  United States Crane Certification Bureau, Inc. is recognized for its expertise in accident investigations and expert witness testimony. We offer analysis on unusual jobs, as well as advice and assistance on rigging and operational procedures and compliance with contract specifications for equipment purchase.


  As pioneers in the development of training programs for material handling equipment, we offer instruction in proper maintenance, operating procedures and rigging, mechanical safety inspections, and load testing of hoisting/lifting equipment. We also provide hands-on training and licensing for crane operator certification. Applicable OSHA and ANSI standards are incorporated into each of our training procedures.

Inspection and Certification

  We provide all necessary documentation and certification (on completion of procedures) for inspection and load testing of all types of cranes including the following: mobile and stationary, derrick, tower, gantry, rail, overhead, jib, monorail, nuclear, polar, refueling, and auxiliary. We also certify hoisting and lifting devices, loose gear and rigging. Since 1969, when we were one of the first companies accredited by what is now the U.S. Department of Labor/OSHA Safety & Health standards, we have continued to be in the vanguard of inspection standards in compliance with Title 29CFR Parts 1910, 1918 and 1926, Code of Federal Regulations and also State rules.